The Svarínka hunting ground


Total area of the joint hunting area: 2,633.35 ha;
Of which the forest land area of 2,626.24 ha, and agricultural land area of 7.11 ha.


Name of joint hunting ground: SVARÍNKA
Breeding unit: Liptovský Mikuláš
Hunting area: J XIII Nízke Tatry
Hunting locality: H10, T14
Cadastral area: Východná

The altitude range is from 695 meters above sea level in places, where Čierny Váh river leaves the hunting ground, up to 1,727 meters above sea level in the highest part of the hunting ground − the top of Veľký Bok.


The main and most numerous hunting species is the red deer, numerically less represented by roe deer and the wild boar. Common are the red fox, European badger, and the pine and beach marten. Svarínska Valley is characterized by an abundant occurrence of large carnivores (brown bear, grey wolf, and lynx). Of the rare and protected species, the occurrence of the Eurasian Otter, Golden Eagle, and Lesser Spotted Eagle, Western Capercaillie, Black Grouse and Hazel Grouse is remarkable. The occurrence of the Black Stork, Eurasian Pygmy Owl, Tree Pipit and Grey Heron has been observed sporadically, too. The Common Raven is almost present here.


The plant communities are very diverse, with many sub-montane, montane, and alpine species. Of the woody plants, spruce, pine, fir, beech, maple, spruce, and mountain pine are the most represented. Elm, alder, and willow are present here and there. In glade and undergrowth, the shrub-like hazelnuts, elder, honeysuckle and other brushes are common. There is a rich herb horizon in stands with less crop density, with raspberry in lower positions, blueberries in higher. In grasses, Sesleria albicans and sedges are represented; luzula and reedgrass have significant abundance and domination in subalpine communities.


• Deer: Class III
• Roe deer: Class IV
• Wild boar: Class IV